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Sitting at the old white Wurli,
mighty in the suburbs of my mind,
my life's not gone the way I planned--
I'm still a happy man.
Then a new student stumbles in.
Welcome in!
With a pimply sneer, you take out your guitar.
You just want a lesson, maybe two, well,
here you are.

You cover up your cheeks with shadow
and twist your naked chin into the wind.
Behind sunglasses in the rain,
you're faking so much pain.
Play me a song, let's hear it now.
I like how
you judge the world one weird chord at a time,
inking up your sleeves, complaining on the
family dime.

So sit.
Prepare to learn.
Prepare to let me take a turn.

All I teach are these pop songs--
I need no more dissonance.
This conflicted not-so-young man
found old-fashioned ignorance.

I recall that teenage feeling--
you hate the world but want to change it too.
My life's not gone the way I planned,
but this is who I am.
Thrilling is the sound of ugliness--
you're obsessed
but one day you will want to rest your ears.
I gave it up and haven't dyed my hair black
in twenty years.

All I write are sunny songs,
you'll bring no more dissonance.
Building this house took some time--
white picket innocence.
Someday you'll wear khakis too,
there's no need for owning up.
You may love the darkness now but
nothing's darker than growing up.

So sit.
Prepare to learn.
Prepare to feel your fingers burn.

You will play these happy songs--
take comfort in melodies.
I'm my daughter's father now.
The family remedies.
Learn to love Bach and the Beatles,
happy just showing up.
Sure the world is full of darkness--
Nothing's darker than growing up.

Every day brings satisfaction,
mighty in the suburbs of my mind.
Down the road you'll know this feeling,
happy but resigned.


from Your Flaws Aren't Picturesque, released July 17, 2015



all rights reserved


One Happy Island Boston, Massachusetts

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